we provided online and offline tour packages for domestic and international.

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Why Choose Us:

Travelling helps in ensuring our peace of mind and escape the mundane life. Duniya Zamana will be a true companion on your journey to ensure that your holiday transpires into a stressful space. Choosing Duniya Zaman will help you land great deals and amazing packages for your voyage.
Let us tell you how choosing Duniya Zamana, in the presence of multitude of travel agencies & companies will be beneficial for you.
  • Duniya Zamana provides True Value for Your Money
  • We offer the best and economical prices to our clients. Right from travel bookings for flights & cabs to hotel prices, none can beat our prices. We offer these prices without compromising on the quality of your travel & stay.
  • Customizable Tour Packages
  • Organizing a holiday can be very stressful. And stress is the last thing one would want. Don’t fret! Duniya Zamana has tour packages for multiple locations, both domestic & international, which are absolutely tailor made for you. All you need to do is state the location you wish to travel to & we will present you with the best tour packages, including the breathtaking places you will explore at the chosen location, as well as hotel bookings.
  • Choosing the Right Destination
  • We at Duniya Zaman will ease the complete experience of a vacation for you and, that begins right from planning. We would not leave you clueless searching for your travel destination. After understanding the kind of holiday you have in your mind, we will provide you with assistance in choosing the destination which is ideal for you.
  • Travel at Ease
  • Duniya Zamana is here to make your travel smooth & convenient. We will get you the air tickets, with timings which are suitable as per your schedule. When you are on a holiday, it involves traveling to locations, both domestic and international, you have never been to. We make sure that you are intimated of all the layovers or stopovers during your flight. Proper assistance will be arranged for your travel from airports to hotels and, further travel while you explore the place. We will get it all done for you, at the cheapest prices.
  • Save Money on Hotel Bookings
  • A vacation doesn’t always mean burning a hole in your pocket. We will help you save money, by getting the best prices on hotel bookings.
  • Adding Special Components to your Holiday
  • We will make your experience, during your vacation, the one to remember & cherish. It might require a few add-ons in the package, like a short excursion to a nearby place of the destination you just found out, or a visit to a restaurant to have the local delicacy of the place, we will arrange it all for you.
  • Customer Support at your service
  • Our Customer Support has established employees, who are always there when you need them. Our trained customer support team ensures that every client’s grievances and questions are addressed right on time. Be it any changes you wish to make in your itinerary post your bookings or, any value addition like, wanting to upgrade to a suite from of a standard room, our team will assist you at every step, without any hassles.